Friday, December 10, 2010

System Analysis and Design

Gujarat University

MCA Semester - V

Section I

Q-1      Write short notes on:                            [9]

(a)    Tools required for prototyping
(b)   CASE TOOLs and its benefits
(c)    Role of system analyst

Q-2      (a) Which objectives should be considered while designing computer output? Explain output methods.    [8]
            (b) Which graphic method should be used in the following situations:
1.      To show how the monthly income from your personal financial investments have compared have
compared with the trends of the Bombay Stock Exchange over a 12 months period.
2.      To show the proportion of total sales achieved by the each department during a single specific period.


Q-2      (a) Explain different Data Validation methods with appropriate examples.    [8]
(b)    1. Explain the difference between Batch Applications and On-line Applications.
2. How do help and Messages differ in purpose and use?

Q-3      Develop Context Analysis Diagram and First Level Data Flow Diagram of any business application with which you are familiar, with basic requirements.                                        [8]
Q-3      1. Discuss basic objectives behind the design of information system.                  [8]
            2. Describe various data coding methods with examples.

Section II

Q-4      1. Discuss various objectives of Software Design.                       [9]
            2. Briefly describe each system Conversion method.

Q-5      1. What methods are used to estimate program development time? Briefly describe each.  [8]
            2. Write short note on Benchmark.


Q-5      1. Describe various criteria for Computer Hardware and Software Selection.       [8]
            2. For what purpose project Managers use structured Walkthroguhs?

Q-6      Attempt any two:                [8]
1.      Short note on Documentation
2.      Importance of user Training
3.      Importance of audit features in software